Cheryl Phillips, Animal Rescue Volunteer Expert/Voice of Animals, of Gorgeous Gal (GG) Shares Ways to Protect Your Pets this Spring

Cheryl Phillips, Animal Rescue Volunteer Expert/Voice of Animals, of Gorgeous Gal (GG) Shares Ways to Protect Your Pets this Spring

Northville, MI - Spring may bring months of cleaning and flowers, but it also brings new risks to animals. This spring, GG is sharing ways to make sure your pets are safe. Family pets are subject to cleaning products and garden plants and flowers many of which can be rather toxic to an animal. It’s important to know what to look for when working cleaning products around animals and which plants to keep away from your pets.

Common plants that are capable of being poisonous to pets when ingested include azaleas (rhododendrons), baby’s breath, begonias, carnations, chrysanthemums, daffodils, gladiolas, lilies, morning glory, and tulips.

Keeping plants, if you must have them, in areas not easily accessible by your pets is key. Some common ways to do this include hanging your plants in baskets from wall brackets or growing plants in vertical or wall planters.  

And not all plants are toxic to animals. Here are a few that are common houseplants that are non-toxic to pets: African violets, air plants, ferns, orchids, and succulents - hens and chicks (echeveria elegans).

If you have younger or baby pets, especially kittens and puppies, remember that they really like to explore and chew on things including plants, and maybe a slipper or two! Keep them same from getting sick by keeping your plants away from them.

We’ve covered the plants that come to brighten the spring months when those April showers come and what to protect your furry friends from. Now, we want to make sure you are aware of those pesky cleaning products that aren’t safe for your pets. We know you are just itching to get that spring cleaning in motion!

There are many products that can be very dangerous to your beloved pets. Let’s start with the ones that have Danger or Warning symbols on them. Let’s stay away from those please. Products that pose the biggest threat include: drain cleaners, pool chemicals, lime-removal products, and concentrated toilet cleaners. Dogs and cats like to drink up water by drains after showering or sink usage, be sure to rinse and wipe your cleaning products away on these areas. And let’s not leave that toilet seat up for “Fluffy” to enjoy for a variety of reason, but especially to avoid the toilet cleaner that is lingering in there.

Some safe product brands that we recommend using include Method, Greenworks, and The Honest Co. Some household kitchen products are also great resources for cleaning such as baking soda and vinegar. Please note that we still highly recommend reading the labels on the cleaning products you purchase to determine pet safety.

If your pet or animal you see is experiencing signs of poison, contact Animal Poison Control immediately.

Although February was Spay and Neutering Awareness Month, spring continues to support the effort to control the pet population. There are around six to eight million homeless cats and dogs in the U.S. and other parts of the world, and controlling the amount of future animal births is critical to their safety.

Cheryl Phillips works year-round to make sure animals are safe and healthy. She’s constantly searching for the best, most accurate resources to educate and get people involved. Between now and May, you can look for ways to help out including:

●      Thinking twice about what you’re putting in and around your home. Remember, this is your  pet’s living space too, so be mindful of products that could hurt or be toxic to them.

●      Staying educated on spaying and neutering animals.

●      Volunteering at your local shelters.

●      If you see something that might be wrong with an animal, say or do something.

●      Adopt shelter pets.

●      Advocate for those who can’t advocate for themselves.

●      Take a stand.

Rescuing animals has always been a passion of Phillips’s, and she’s no amateur at this. She is an expert when it comes to animal rescue and care. Her passion, integrity, and compassion are exemplary and an inspiration to many. She spends hundreds of hours each year conducting a variety of rescue efforts. She has completed TNR work with more than 225 “community cats” through all types of weather conditions. Community felines are the abandoned pets that roam neighborhoods and live in outdoor colonies; many have caretakers.

Using her personal money, she helps animals who are sick, buys everything she needs for rescues, and helps to care for the animals while they wait for forever homes. Phillips hosts many Trap-Neuter-Releases during the year in an effort to help bring down feral cat populations. In 2017, Phillips responded to 29 calls for assistance and made 49 trips to rescue felines and canines. She spayed/neutered and saved 68 animals of which two were canines.  Of the 68, 38 were adopted, and 30 returned to their colony caretakers. In 2017 alone, she traveled than 2,500 miles and volunteered more than 130 hours of time.

Cheryl is the ultimate voice for animals who need to be heard. She makes sure they can talk as loud as they can and that people pay attention.

Please support springing GG’s mission forward this season by protecting your pets and taking a stand with us against animal homelessness, neglect, and abuse.

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