Valentine Distilling Co. Expands Production Capacity Yet Again

Custom-built still from Italy is welcomed to Detroit

Ferndale, MI – A custom-made, 1,500-gallon still from Italian distillation technology company Frilli is making its way to Valentine Distilling Co.

This is the first still Frilli has ever shipped to America, and it is one of the largest stills being placed in a micro-distillery in the United States – producing X barrels each year.

“We are honored to build this still for Valentine. We are excited to ship to the U.S. for the first time. The creation of this still will allow Valentine to continue to produce even more of their exceptional products,” said Frilli rep, title.

Valentine has seen immense growth over the years, and this still is crucial to keep up with high demand for its award-winning whiskeys.

“We wanted the best still built in order to maintain the quality of our products. Frilli has a phenomenal track record of experience in triple pot distillation, and that’s just what we need to keep up with the demand of Valentine spirits,” said Rifino Valentine, owner of Valentine Distilling Co.

In 2016, Valentine Distilling Co.’s production relocated and expanded from the Cocktail Lounge location in Ferndale to a 15,000-square foot warehouse down the street from the Lounge. The warehouse is lined with state-of-the-art copper stills and whiskey barrels from floor to ceiling. Since beginning this custom still build with Frilli, Valentine has made the decision to expand once again in the current warehouse facility to add an additional 5,000 square feet for a rick room to store the aging barrels once the product leaves the still.

The growth and expansion of Valentine continues, but the quality product remains the same. Consistently recognized for excellence in national and international competitions, Valentine Distilling Co. continues to produce some of the finest vodka, gin, and whiskeys in the world with distribution available throughout the United States, as well as in six other countries.  In the tradition of the spirit of Detroit, Valentine remains dedicated to the manufacture, export and promotion of world-class quality goods.

Because this still is becoming such a big part of Valentine’s production and success, owner Rifino Valentine felt it was fitting to name it Sherbet, a tribute to his adored 14-year-old Old English Sheepdog, who has been the distillery dog since the Valentine venture began.

Sherbet will be debuted at Valentine’s still launch party in October where guests can view the new production facility.


About Valentine Distilling Co.

Established in 2007 and among the nation’s first craft distilleries, Valentine Distilling Co. is an American pioneer of small batch, handcrafted spirits.  In early 2016, Valentine Vodka was announced as winner of “World’s Best Vodka” by The World Vodka Awards in London. And most recently, Valentine Distilling Co. shared its first television commercial with viewers around the world to celebrate this award. The company’s award-winning vodka, gin, and bourbon are available in seven states, Western Europe and Ontario. In the tradition of Detroit’s manufacturing leadership, Ferndale, Michigan-based Valentine Distilling Co. is dedicated to American ingenuity, quality manufacturing, and small batch distilling using old world techniques that create superior products.