How to Market to Millennials

How to Market to Millennials

With millennials being such a large group of people, it’s extremely beneficial to know how to grab their attention. Millennials range from age 18 to 34. There are a lot of stereotypes and ideas about how millennials behave. First things first, you need to forget everything you think you know.

Millennials number one characteristic, and the one you need to utilize, is their understanding of technology and social media. They grew up with the ever-changing, ever-evolving technology. What does this mean? It means they know how to use technology, and they love it. Thus, your marketing plan needs to utilize technology and social media if you are looking to appeal to millenials.

Make it Mobile

There’s the joke that goes around talking about how millennials are always on their phones. If you’re not catching my drift, I’m saying you need to make your outreach mobile, to reach the tech-loving millennials.

For mobile, the most important thing you can remember is this phrase: short, sweet, and to the point. Millennials are commonly known to scan, rather than read in-depth. So, going in with a 1,200-word article about all the amazing things your brand offers won’t really catch their eye. Try to keep your marketing fun and interactive, while using as few words as possible.

Grow Your Social Presence

If you haven’t already, start social media channels for your company. Millennials love to research and see the actual product or service before buying. Having a variety of platforms that they can go to, to learn about your product, read testimonials and get a feel for your brand, will help them to decide if they want to buy or swipe on.

Reach Out to Them

Customer service is very important for millennials. They like to know that no matter how big or small the complaint, you care. Don’t just monitor reports to your website, either. Millennials will use your social media platforms and their own, to talk about what they do and don’t like about your company. Make sure to read the comments on your posts and respond!

It’s even a good idea to search your company name (i.e. #JohnsCompany), some users may not want to tag you directly. However, if you find a negative comment being shared you want to make sure to respond with an answer or a way to file a report. Letting a negative review float around social media can be a big blow to your brand.

Find Help from Someone Who Knows What Your Brand Needs

Attracting millennials can be hard work. If your company doesn’t have time to monitor social media or create content all day, find a good company to help. A. Victoria MAE works to help companies like yours, find and attract their target market. With modern and effective marketing strategies, your brand’s message will get where it needs to go. Contact A. Victoria MAE and start making your ideas happen, today.