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How What I Do Helps You Grow Your Business

How What I Do Helps You Grow Your Business

Growth has always been a constant theme in my life – whether it’s through my education, career path, relationships, or even seeing sunflowers grow in a garden.

As an entrepreneur, I have a natural interest in seeing businesses grow and for other business owners to succeed. This is exactly why I started my business, A. Victoria MAE – to help companies get where they want to be. I do this by sharing their unique stories with others in ways they can’t quite put into words themselves.

My main goal is to execute a business’ vision and help make ideas happen. I’m here to lend a helping hand – from consulting services to full-blown marketing and public relations execution.

By pairing strategic thinking with a modern, tailored-to-you plan, A. Victoria MAE tells your company’s story and gets the right people hear it.  

I’m proud to say that A. Victoria MAE has helped small-to-medium sized businesses grow significantly over the years, and we have made thousands of ideas happen. I’ve built unique relationships with each of my clients, and I care so much about their success.

My company is in business to help others prosper. Through every strategy we implement, we take your business one step further towards your vision.

Find out where my team at A. Victoria MAE can take your business! Contact us for a consultation today.



A. Victoria MAE Chief Growth Officer & Founder Accepted into inGAGE Master Class

A. Victoria MAE Chief Growth Officer & Founder Accepted into inGAGE Master Class
The Inforum program works with women entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses

Congratulations to A. Victoria MAE’s Chief Growth Officer & Founder, Ashleigh Laabs, as she has been accepted into Inforum’s inGAGE Master Class. The inGAGE Master Class is a program created for women entrepreneurs who are looking to grow and develop their businesses. This program will not only help Laabs to learn about the best practices and growth strategies, it will also allow her to discuss and engage with other women entrepreneurs.

Formulating specialized strategies to create new opportunities is what the inGAGE Master Class is all about. The program brings together participants who are in the same area, business-wise, so they can work collaboratively to assess their businesses. The entrepreneurs will learn about operations, management, finances, and personnel. The goal is to help women entrepreneurs find the strengths and challenges in their businesses.

“This program will allow me to create a solid growth plan for A. Victoria MAE and will help me brainstorm and share thoughts and ideas in a safe space while receiving real feedback from peers. I love Inforum. This organization brings together wonderful women who I can network and learn from. Not only am I excited to learn how to grow my business, but I am excited to help others do the same,” said Laabs.

Along with admittance into this prestigious program, Laabs also secured a $1,500 scholarship. This scholarship covers the entire cost of participation in the program for Laabs. Laabs intends to utilize the program to help her create a financial growth strategy for A. Victoria MAE.

Since the beginning of the inGAGE Master Class in August 2012, it has helped 89 women entrepreneurs, created 304 jobs, gained $41.3 million in new capital, and much more. The master class is led by Patti Glaza, one of Michigan’s foremost venture capital experts.

The program lasts from March 2018 to August 2018, with, on average, one meeting each month. When admitted into the program, attendees receive other benefits, such as an Inforum membership, a personal leadership assessment, and one-on-one coaching.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

As the end of 2017 approaches, I find myself reflecting on what a year I’ve had with A. Victoria MAE. I’ve met incredible people, formed new relationships, and pushed limits.

Growth has been a huge part of 2017 – both with my business and my family! A. Victoria MAE has been expanding its clientele and business strategies while I’ve been learning to be a new mom! My world has been moving rapidly, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have big plans and expectations for 2018 – I know it will be a good one. I’m very grateful for the experiences this year gave me, and the New Year provides even more opportunities for growth and fabulous things.

Thank you to everyone who has been apart of this journey in 2017, and I can’t wait to see all that 2018 holds.

Happy New Year from A. Victoria MAE to you!

Ashleigh V. Laabs
Chief Growth Officer & Founder

Thank You for Two Shining Years!

Thank You for Two Shining Years!

Thanksgiving, a day in which people focus on the things they are thankful and grateful for, was just last week. At A. Victoria MAE, I have several things to be grateful for stemming from these past two years since launching this business and embarking on this adventure as an entrepreneur, mentor, and colleague to many.

November 2017 marks the two-year anniversary of A. Victoria MAE! Two years! I know that may not seem like a lot, but that’s 730 days, 17,520 hours, 1,051,200 minutes, and 63,072,000 seconds. It’s quite a bit of time!

We’re all about growth over here. And we have been growing because of the amazing support of clients, friends, referrals, and much more.

This past year, A. Victoria MAE brought on two students from Central Michigan University’s Public Relations program (my undergraduate alma mater). Being able to provide real-world experience to students through my professional opportunities is a priority for me, personally. Being able to share experiences with these two students has been amazing. I can’t even begin to thank them enough for helping grow A. Victoria MAE. Molly and Alyse – YOU ROCK! Thank you!

When I set out on this journey of growth – growth of a business and growth of myself personally and professionally – I had a few goals in mind, but one that was critical to stand by.

I wanted to work with really awesome people, who knew that I could support their business in a way they needed – strategically! I have always loved doing the work that I do, and surrounding myself with kickass people was a priority. And I have done just that through A. Victoria MAE. I work with amazing people to support the companies, organizations, and brands they have created each and every day.

I love taking their ideas, looking at the big picture, adding a strategy focused around marketing and business growth, and running with it!

For the past two years, I have had the opportunity to work with 22 wonderful clients. Together, we have accomplished a number of projects! Everything from public relations management to events to social media content support. Through collaboration and hard work, A. Victoria MAE has helped our many clients grow.

With the new year upon us, I hope to keep growing. I wish the next two years be as amazing and prosperous as the first two.

“I will keep my face to the sun so I cannot see the shadows; it’s what the sunflowers do.” – Helen Keller

Thank you! Cheers!

Making Ideas Happen, 
Ashleigh V. Laabs
Chief Growth Officer & Founder