Not only is Ashleigh easy to work with, she just “gets it.” She blends into our staff so well and has provided valuable insight into our marketing efforts. We value her responsiveness and creative ideas. I highly recommend her and A. Victoria Mae!
— Carol Galle, CMP, President/CEO at Special D Events & The Anniversary Company
As a small business owner, it is often a challenge to prioritize where to invest and who to trust. On the recommendation of the Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce, I called Ashleigh. Never have I been more quickly convinced to invest more than I expected in a service I wasn’t certain I wanted. We have been working together for a few months now and I cannot explain it; Ashleigh is in my head, sometimes before I am there. The combination of experience, preparation and talent that creates that synergy is extremely unique in my experience and I recommend Ashleigh and A. Victoria MAE without hesitation.
— Kelly Lewis, Owner, Alpha Lifestyle Center
I have been working with Ashleigh for a couple years now. She is amazing! I receive fast responses to my emails, texts, and calls. Without her, I would have the tendency to let my social media marketing efforts slip. She is forward thinking and plans ahead. Ashleigh facilitates and adjusts for every new idea and direction we want to take. I highly recommend working with her and have never once had a complaint.
— Katie Bigelow, Founder, Mettle Ops
Working with A. Victoria MAE for the past few years has been amazing! The team at AVM provides me with real results in social media management. A. Victoria MAE constantly brings new ideas to the table and is easy to communicate with. If you are looking to improve your digital marketing presence, I suggest you talk to Ashleigh!
— Cheryl Phillips, Founder of GG ~ Gorgeous Gal; Author of GG's Journey; Founder of GG's Foundation
Working with A. Victoria MAE has been awesome! Ashleigh and her team are very easy to communicate with and provide real results. If you’re frustrated by a marketing partner that doesn’t seem to “get it”, I would suggest finding time to talk to Ashleigh.
— Erik Meier, President & CEO, Sandler Training by EAM Consulting Group
Ashleigh has an amazing team! A. Victoria MAE made giving our website a “facelift” so easy! They gave us ideas and step-by-step instructions on what they needed to get our website up and going. We will definitely be using A. Victoria MAE in the future for any/all of our website/social media needs! Thank you A. Victoria MAE for making this such an easy process and creating such an amazing website!
— Lindsay Brown, Project Manager, STOR S.A.
We were very lucky to find Ashleigh by recommendation from a business partner that enjoyed great success with her help. Our company, Authen2cate was in need of a marketing expert to help us move our product seamlessly to the digital market. Our immediate challenges included a re-branding of the application, a new website with real content, and a technology show in Las Vegas. Ashleigh immediately took us on as a client and was the key to our success rebranding and marketing our new look. She then took our branding to the next level for all our material at the show in Las Vegas which proved to be extremely successful. Her marketing techniques are state-of-the-art and have proven time and again to be very successful for our brand and our customers. We will be continuing to utilize her expertise for all future endeavors. Thank you Ashleigh!
— Jeff Lesperance , Director of Client Services and Technology, Authen2cate
We began working with Ashleigh at A. Victoria MAE in early 2018 to assist us with our website upgrade and our digital media presence. Within the first year, we had a completely new “state-of-the-art” site, and our digital media presence went through the roof. The positive responses we are receiving from our clients, prospects and referral sources has been fantastic. Ashleigh is a task master that keeps us focused and thinking creatively.
— Dan Patterson, Partner, Fenner, Melstrom & Dooling, PLC
Ashleigh has been assisting our firm with our digital marketing strategy for nearly two years now, and she has been an absolute pleasure to work with! She is passionate, energetic, and focused on tailoring her services to meet our firm’s specific needs.
— Stephanie A. McPherson, CPA, Marketing Committee Chair, Fenner, Melstrom & Dooling, PLC
Ashleigh engages with the team and is able to capture the marketing direction of the companies and execute it flawlessly. Her ability to understand the company vision and audience is superb. Working with Ashleigh is an absolute pleasure, and it is a relief knowing we have a great asset working with our companies.
— Veronica Baginski, Sales Rep, Mettle Ops & NUDG Systems
ArtOps hired A. Victoria MAE to assist us with development of a marketing proposal for a consortium of Jazz Education Programs. The project was challenging as we had a diverse set of clients to serve and a short period of time to complete the proposal. Ashleigh Laab from A. Victoria MAE was extremely helpful in driving this effort to completion. She was an excellent facilitator of conversations with the participants, fast and insightful when compiling recommendations and the final deliverable was well received by the consortium. I especially appreciated her responsiveness to all communications and her ability to gain the trust and cooperation of all the participants.
— Maureen Clinesmith, Director of Client Services, ArtOps, LLC
We have been working with A. Victoria MAE for more than a year on a number of internal and external projects. They have worked closely in the design and development of a creative marketing and branding strategy that has helped us evolve and grow our brand in the marketing. Additionally, they have provided digital content and editing support to help us meet our client demands. Ashleigh and the team are reliable and deliver high-quality work within our deadlines and budget. They continue to exceed our expectations and will continue to be a valued partner for us as we grow.
— Lori McColl, CEO Whim
Security Vitals is part of the rapidly changing information security market where reaching the right people with the right message at the right time is an ongoing challenge. We engaged A. Victoria MAE to help generate awareness for a new compliance-focused offering targeting specific industry segments. From day one, Ashleigh approached our project with a focus on results. By developing a plan that leveraged social media as well as more traditional networking activities, A. Victoria MAE had a dramatic impact on our program launch. Ashleigh is one of those rare individuals whose drive infuses contagious energy across all levels of the organization. If you want to accelerate marketing program performance, contact A. Victoria MAE and ask Ashleigh how she can help.
— Rob Cote, President Security Vitals
When I learned Ashleigh had started A. Victoria MAE to follow her passion, I was not surprised. I was excited to engage her to manage the public relations efforts for Valentine Distilling Co. She keeps me on target with my PR opportunities and helps to identify story ideas to share with the media as we discuss new projects and products Valentine is working on. She builds and maintains her media relationships and has successfully placed stories about Valentine during our time working together. Ashleigh is a fantastic publicist.
— Rifino Valentine, Valentine Distilling Co. President & Founder
Ashleigh is responsive and thorough. She quickly turns around projects and keeps our information, marketing, and outreach materials fresh and succinct. She has helped streamline external communication processes for our school and tailored her services to meet our exact needs at the moment. It has been a relief to work with someone that I trust to take on important marketing projects and deliver high-quality results — this allows me to focus on other tasks and be more effective in my work as a school leader. I highly recommend partnering with A. Victoria MAE.
— Frank Donner, Southwest Detroit Community School Principal
Ashleigh [of A. Victoria MAE] has conducted marketing research as well as developed and managed content areas based on a strategy for EAS Schools and a charter school managed in its portfolio, Southwest Detroit Community School. Throughout these interactions, she has been flexible, adaptable, hard-working, but above all, resourceful. 
— Heather Gardner, EAS Schools President and Founder
Ashleigh at A. Victoria MAE accomplished in 90 minutes what would have taken me many hours of navigating unfamiliar tech territory. Her clear communication in presenting me with straight-forward options both got the job done and eased my mind. I highly recommend contacting Ashleigh for your website and marketing needs.
— Kat Bruner James, Citizens for a Fair Ferndale
I’ve been working with Ashleigh for more than two years. She’s very committed and focused. She projects high energy along with a bright personality. She is successful at both creating and implementing processes. Ashleigh also possesses excellent marketing skills and is extremely knowledgeable at navigating social media. She continuously keeps the big picture/company vision in mind when knocking out quarterly goals and daily to do’s.
— Bob Shenefelt, EOS Implementer & Visionary Coach, Coach Bob LLC; Co-Founder, iMatter for Kids; Founder, iMatter
Ashleigh coordinated our PR efforts for a fast-moving Indiegogo campaign last fall. She jumped in at the last minute, quickly wrapped her arms around the project and took charge. She’s highly organized, great with follow-ups and kept us on track. I highly recommend Ashleigh as a fun, personable, organized and talented PR and marketing professional! You can’t go wrong with her!
— Carl Winans, MegaTiny
Organization, setting and maintaining goals, and structure is what Ashleigh brings to the table (for business).
— Greg Reyner, Co-Owner Atomic Chicken
Ashleigh [of A. Victoria MAE] is a consummate professional with an eye for detail. Her design ideas streamlined our website while still maintaining our brand and ethos.
— Joshua James, Theatre Bizarre Orchestra 
Ashleigh at A. Victoria MAE has really assisted me in increasing my business’s internet and social presence. Her knowledge of content management, blogging, social media, analytics, and email marketing has blown me away from day 1. With Ashleigh’s assistance, we were able to track and measure how our online presence was growing and I owe that all to Ashleigh and her knowledge. She has taken away the burden of trying to figure that out on top of all the other things I do as a business owner and I feel she is an integral part of my business’s growth. Thank you Ashleigh!
— Amanda K.